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About AccuDoc

AccuDoc Solutions, Inc. was founded to address an industry need for sophisticated statement production and mailing services.

AccuDoc takes a unique approach to statement processing. Because there is no reliance on pre-defined structures or templates, all services are totally customized for each client.

Switching your statement processing tasks to AccuDoc is easy because AccuDoc works the way you do.

Customized statement and letter series productions

AccuDoc's systems are built with customization in mind. All data and documents are processed at the print stream, allowing AccuDoc the ability to vary, combine or alter the appearance, content and graphics of your materials as they print.

Customized inserts

AccuDoc's systems can insert a letter or statement along with up to six additional inserts. Materials can also be custom inserted by any code that appears within the data record.

Switch to AccuDoc forů

  • High quality, patient-friendly mailings
  • Increased visibility of your brand
  • Lowest possible postage rates
  • Increased efficiencies through bar coding
  • Increased customer services through access to imaged files
  • More accurate demographics
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