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Connecting Patients and Providers

Services & Solutions

Take Control of the Revenue Cycle

IntelliDMS puts the power back in the hands of revenue personnel, freeing up your IT resources. You don't need to check in to make changes. Just log in, customize, and watch the magic happen.

Increase Revenue

Happy patients lead to more revenue. And patients want multiple payment options – including e-pay. Our clients have seen a 23% increase in online patient payment transactions and a 15% increase in the amount paid. As patient satisfaction increases, so does profitability.

Speed Up Collections

We partner with your company to provide patient-friendly solutions that work for you and your clientele. With easy-to-pay bills and personalized patient communications, you're bringing in more money, faster.

Reduce Call Center Volume

Check a balance. Get an itemized receipt. Create a payment plan. Pay online. Customers can self-serve rather than clogging up the call center, reducing inbound call volume by 25% or more. And consistent messaging makes it easy for clients to find answers to questions.

Reduce Billing Costs

Your customers have fewer questions. Your revenue personnel don't need an IT team to make basic changes. You've got accurate addresses and e-pay options, leading to fewer billing expenses. Satisfaction goes up; billing costs go down.

Improve Patient Communications

We help you take a patient-centered approach by providing several channels to connect with clients. From paper bills to patient portals, we create custom solutions for fast, secure communication between patients and providers.