Connecting Patients and Providers

Company Values




IntelliDMS software
puts the power in your hands. Skip the gatekeeper and make changes instantaneously.




black box technology
makes the complicated easy. User experience - and customer service - are part of the deal.



Complex problems require

unique solutions
. We customize our services so you get everything you need and nothing you don't.



Time is money
, and we're not looking to waste either one. When you need something, we make it happen. Fast.

Connecting Patients and Providers

Our History

October 2004

AccuDoc Solutions is Incorporated.

January 2005

Production facility was opened.

October 2006

We acquire our first hospital client.

January 2007

We add additional clients and open our first data center.

August 2007

We’ve doubled in size in just 1.5 years, processing 1,000,000 statements a month!

September 2008

Production facility nearing daily capacity…new printing and inserting equipment installed.

November 2008

AccuDoc launches IntelliDMS. Our document management solution for our clients.

April 2009

Acquired a new corporate and production facility.

May 2009

New high speed inserting solution installed.

June 2009

New highspeed print solution installed.

August 2009

We begin offering online patient and payment portals.

February 2011

Opened our second data center for more data security and availability.

August 2011

AccuDoc begins offering credit card and ACH processing services.

June 2012

Additional printing and inserting equipment installed.

December 2015

Installed our Screen 520 TruePress…the start of roll printing for AccuDoc.

July 2016

Installed the CMC Inveloper. Inserting at 24,000 pieces per hour and making our own envelopes at the same time. We’re a true white paper factory!

June 2018

Launched AccuDoc Connect…a new technology platform that allows multiple systems to communicate into a single web interface.